11 TV show remakes that are more highly regarded than the movie

From 12 O'Clock High to Friday Night Lights, which do think is better — the movie or the show?

Can you name these '80s fantasy movies?

A journey through enchantment and magical adventures!

Do you remember seeing Clarence Gilyard in the 1986 film Top Gun?

Name an actor with an iconic movie debut. We'll go first: Clarence Gilyard.

What are your thoughts on these classic 1940s Sci-Fi movies?

In the 1940s, the film industry was full of Sci-Fi movies that are seen as classics today. Do you agree?

Are these '70s TV movies or were they released in theaters?

We're sure you've seen some of these movies, but do you remember where?

Which popular 1960s movie did these famous lines come from?

From West Side Story to Planet of the Apes, which films do these lines belong to?
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