Hawaii Five O

A guest star in this popular Hawaii Five-O episode once played a doctor in a forgotten 1970s sci-fi movie

A trip to Saturn gone wrong turns into a completely different role for Burr DeBenning.

James MacArthur once defended Jack Lord against the press

"Jack and I have no problems," he said.

Here's what James MacArthur did after leaving Hawaii Five-O

Whether you called him Danny or Danno, MacArthur greatly benefited from his Hawaii-Five O success.

Jack Lord had the perfect response to ego rumors in the 70s

"I had a deal with the network that called for star billing. There was a reason for that. I don't know where the criticism... MORE

10 reasons Jack Lord was truly the most interesting man on television

Painter, poet, sailor, salesman, singer — the 'Hawaii Five-O' star was a true renaissance man.
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