Have Gun- Will Travel

How Richard Boone fought ''ennui'' on ''Have Gun — Will Travel''

The actor went to great lengths to battle boredom.

Can you fill in the missing lyrics to the Have Gun – Will Travel theme song?

How well do you know “The Ballad of Paladin”?

Richard Boone didn't think that ''Have Gun – Will Travel'' was a real Western

Why Boone believed his series had set itself apart.

Richard Boone preferred his television series to have shorter seasons

Boone believed that the shorter the season, the better the quality of the series.

Can you tell the difference between Bret Maverick and Paladin?

These well-dressed Western heroes for hire have a lot in common – do you know what sets them apart?

The Richard Boone Show was nothing like Have Gun - Will Travel

Boone followed up his time as a bounty hunter with a more varied theatrical presentation.

Are these the names of Have Gun - Will Travel episodes or Tom Clancy novels?

Are these covert missions more Paladin or Jack Ryan?

When ''Have Gun - Will Travel'' went viral

The title was meant to be temporary. That changed when audiences heard it.

Here's why Richard Boone left Hollywood

The lack of productivity and diversity significantly influenced his decision to leave.

Richard Boone believed actors should fight over roles, not dressing rooms

"Fighting over parts is healthy. It shows that they want to work."

Richard Boone wanted to bring a movie operation to Hawaii

The Western actor became a permanent resident of the island and wanted to create a tropical Hollywood.

A 1963 car crash left Richard Boone severely hurt

Police reported that Boone had a possible broken nose and ribs. Yet, despite the setback, he appeared in a film a year later.
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