George Peppard

George Peppard considered The A-Team the best role of his career

The critically acclaimed actor was surprisingly not the first choice for the role.

7 of John Hannibal Smith's best disguises from The A-Team

Oftentimes, part of a plan coming together includes a clever, or not-so-clever, disguise from John Hannibal Smith.

Despite their on-camera chemistry, Mr. T and George Peppard were not friends

The two often clashed; however, they made sure B.A Baracus and Hannibal were still a team.

The A-Team revived George Peppard's ''poisoned'' career

Peppard went from an enduring star to being labeled Hollywood's unemployable bad boy—that is, until the A-Team came along.

Hannibal Smith and a good workout routine helped George Peppard avoid burn out on The A-Team

John Hannibal Smith gave Peppard the thrill he needed to get through long hours on the set of The A-Team, especially in the... MORE
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