Day Shift

Before getting her A-Team role, Melinda Culea quit acting

The actor was a part of two pilots that didn't sell, so she stopped auditioning.

Dwight Schultz didn't let the critics get him down about being on The A-Team

''People expect me to apologize for the series.''

Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite A-Team episode

Admit it, sometimes you get lost in The A-Team's action-packed episodes.

Fans of The A-Team phoned in votes to decide the fate of this substantial episode

This drama-filled episode from season five had a pair of endings scripted. It was up to fans to decide which one was shown.

Hannibal Smith and a good workout routine helped George Peppard avoid burn out on The A-Team

John Hannibal Smith gave Peppard the thrill he needed to get through long hours on the set of The A-Team, especially in the... MORE
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