Did these popular Batman villains ever appear on the hit series?

Will some of these classic villains escape you?

Adam West reveals Batman's biggest flaws

Time, it seems, was the greatest villain of all.

Can you name the Batman villain from their costume?

Who is wearing these evil outfits?

9 classic actors who would have made great Batman '66 baddies

We would have loved to see Andy Griffith duking it out with Adam West.

Behind the Cowl: Adam West's take on Batman's powers and purpose

How the original Batman redefined the Dark Knight.

Adam West was worried that his ''Batman'' costars would think he was conceited

"I want you to please make this moment, this scene, the best of your life because this show will be lasting."

Can you spot the one thing wrong in these Batman images?

Are you a good enough detective to spot the errors?

Nick Cage wants to play this Batman 1966 baddie

"I think I could make him absolutely terrifying."

What would you do as Batman's unhinged temporary sidekick?

You're an inexperienced sidekick in this quiz!

Batman vs. The Joker: Whose side are you on?

We let our imagination run wild for this fun quiz. Are you team Batman or Joker?

Adam West remembered his first screen test with Burt Ward for ''Batman''

The dynamic duo knew they were destined to be together.

Battle of the comic book heroes: Which hero can survive these situations?

Can all these heroes survive? Most likely, but you can only pick one!

Which late-night host stole Robin's costume?

It wasn't Letterman or Kiteman!

Are these Adventures of Superman or Batman scenes?

These images are not birds and planes...or are they?

Here's the pilot moment that convinced Adam West to star in Batman

The scene that persuaded West to don the cowl.

Adam West said Batman was ludicrous and absurd, but always somewhat ''believable''

There's a fine line between fiction and reality, but whenever West had a chance to blur that line with Batman, he did.

A case of not-so-secret identities: The true story of Mrs. Ann Batman

Turns out there is a Mrs. Batman, and no Bruce won't come to the phone.

Cesar Romero had this to say about Tim Burton's ''Batman''

TV's Joker had a hot take on Jack Nicholson.

Batman producer William Dozier on TV's downfall

Dozier dismissed Batman to the press.

Alfred's acting chops: Alan Napier before Batman

Napier was already impressive before he stepped foot in the Batcave.

Before he was Batman, Adam West guest-starred on Petticoat Junction and Perry Mason

There was no need for him to hide his face and throw on a cape in these roles.

Who said it: Batman or MacGyver?

These lines were said by a guy with a utility belt or a man who lived in a boathouse.

How well do you know ''The Joker's Wild''?

How well do you know the episode where Joker made his screen debut?

Adam West once explained why he didn’t become a TV western star

Here's why he never became the next Maverick or Marshall Matt Dillon.

Clint Eastwood was supposed to play this classic villain in Batman 1966

It was almost certain... and then the series got cancelled.

Which season was this episode of Batman from?

Which season are these wacky episodes from? Test your detective skills!

How well do you know Robin's Holyisms?

Robin the Boy Wonder is known for his many classic catchphrases throughout the run of Batman. Can you tell what's a real catchphrase... MORE

Can you name all these side characters in the 1960s Batman?

Do you remember these Gotham residents who helped the dynamic duo?

8 villains from Batman 1966 you probably won't see in the next Batman movie

The Joker, The Riddler, and Catwoman made the leap from the small screen to theaters. Egghead, Bookworm, and Ma Parker? Not... MORE

Batman's first onscreen girlfriend changed her name to appear in Svengoolie's The Land Unknown

Shirley Patterson revived her career as Shawn Smith… until a freak skiing accident.

Are these close-up images from Batman or Star Trek?

Can you tell the difference between the Enterprise and the Batcave?

Is this quote from a TV western or a superhero show?

Which quotes came from the gunslingers and which came from the superheroes?

This Batman villain has his roots in the first color made-for-TV movie

The Minstrel was inspired by the popular Pied Piper of Hamelin.

The 'Batman' TV series sure liked to label everything

One Twitter account is documenting all the hilariously redundant labels used on the original 'Batman' series

All 37 villains from the 'Batman' TV series, ranked

Who was the greatest adversary of Adam West on the classic 1966 show?

12 Bat-tastic behind-the-scenes 'Batman' pictures from the 1960s

Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar and Yvonne Craig clearly had a lot of fun on set.
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