Tia Carrere loved her Relic Hunter co-stars

By: H&I Staff     Posted: October 24, 2023, 11:53AM    Tags: Tia Carrere, Relic Hunter, Sydney

You can always tell when co-stars enjoy working together. The chemistry behind the scenes is displayed on-screen—contributing to the strength of the plot and production they're filming. Tia Carrere, the star of Relic Hunter, had nothing but positive things to say about her peers. 

"I've been blessed with wonderful co-stars," the actress told The Times and Democrat during an interview in 1999. "Basically, the show begins and ends with the relationship between Nigel and Sydney and the way we play off each other. From our different points of view and how those clash. And how they work together in tandem. And that's the key—the relationship. And then you see those two people go on these amazing journeys."

Sometimes, those journeys are met with challenges and both characters have to get themselves out of danger, meaning they'll have to work a little harder than before.

"Nigel and Sydney are put into a compromising position and they have to get over that to survive. Nigel just falls all over himself. I think the joy is seeing them in inappropriate situations because there's not a level of comfort with each other, or with him with her, and it makes for hilarious outcomes," Carrere added.

In terms of her character Sydney, Carrere loves how adventurous she is, but her love life is a little bit all over the place.

"Sydney is this amazing world traveler and adventurer, but she just can't get her love life together. There are illusions to her ex-boyfriends from all over the world, but she's never quite got it together. It adds to the conflict. It's always more interesting when you have the archrival that is after the same thing you are."

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