Alexandra Paul used her Baywatch lifeguard training in real life

By: H&I Staff     Posted: December 5, 2022, 3:20PM   

Some skills stay with you for the rest of your life. For Baywatch star, Alexandra Paul, that was her incredible swimming and lifeguard abilities.

On Baywatch, Paul played the role of Stephanie Holden, who was the lieutenant supervisor for a good portion of the series. Choosing to take action over just giving orders, Holden often found herself saving countless lives alongside her lifeguard team.

Also regarded as one of the most athletic out of her castmates, Paul focused much of her time on weight training outside the set. She even participated in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon in between filming for season 6 of Baywatch.

Decades after her exit from the series, Paul continued her training for years at the beach where she starred as Stephanie Holden.

“I still swim in the exact same bay where we were filming. Not only do I body surf there every Tuesday in the summer and fall, but I’m also training for a 13 and a half-mile ocean swim,” said Alexandra Paul about her swim training.

Paul also remembers and keeps up with her lifeguard skills alongside her athletic training. It was even when she was practicing for her marathon in the same waters she starred as Stephanie Holden that she saw someone in distress and helped bring them back to shore.

“I was in the surf, this person went 'Help! Help!' and I swam over and kept his head up while the waves were going over. It was like 'Baywatch!'"

Continuing to swim and save lives at the same beach where it all happened, Alexandra Paul still holds on to the role of Stephanie Holden dearly.