How well do you know Baywatch by the numbers?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: July 23, 2021, 3:28PM
One of the most popular television series of all time, Baywatch is known well throughout the world. An astounding number of people from all types of backgrounds would tuned in to all 242 episodes of the sunny hit series.

But how well do you know the full scope of Baywatch — by the numbers? Take this quiz and see if you're a true expert of the show!

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  1. How many countries did Baywatch air in?
  2. How many Baywatch movies are there?
  3. In what year did Baywatch first air?
  4. How many seasons did Pamela Anderson star on Baywatch?
  5. How many languages has Baywatch been translated into?
  6. How large was the Baywatch audience at the height of the shows popularity?
  7. How many episodes of Baywatch did David Hasselhoff star in?
  8. How many seasons of Baywatch are there?
  9. How many children does Mitch Buchannon have throughout the series?
  10. How much did the series creators pay for the worldwide distributing rights of Baywatch?
How well do you know Baywatch by the numbers?

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