BOO! 6 ways to dress like your favorite H&I character

By: H&I Staff    Posted: October 5, 2023, 11:31AM Tags: Tags: Halloween, Heroes and Horror, H&I Store

Bring out the candy corn, pumpkins and spooky music because it's that time of the year again! October is the only month we get to dress like our favorite characters and act as if we're on our way to stop The Joker from causing chaos in Gotham. The spooky month brings out the best costumes and creativity. If you're walking down Hollywood Blvd in a Gorn costume shirt, people will stare in admiration instead of the usual raised eyebrow.

The only difficult part about Spooky Season is the variety of costumes. That's why you have us, H&I and the H&I store! Your go-to for all things beloved heroes (Western cowboys and Superheroes), aliens, sidekicks, dynamic duos and more. The H&I store has a variety of costume shirts to choose from, and we've curated a list of six ways to dress like your favorite character.

Let's roll. (Like a pumpkin down a hill!)

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WHAM! It's a Batman costume shirt

Gotham needs you!

Adam West is everyone's favorite TV Batman, so if you want to pay tribute to the actor (and save Gotham from villains), this costume shirt is perfect for you! You can pair it with lilac tights and make your own utility belt using a sponge! (This actually was the original utility belt on the show!)

It's available in the H&I Store! Now, go out there and save your city. We believe in you.


HOLY! It's a Robin costume shirt

Right by Batman's side, he's the only and only.

It's time that we show Robin a little more love. He's more than just a sidekick; if you and a friend wanted to celebrate spooky season as a duo, you could be Batman, and they could be Robin. Pair this Robin costume shirt with red tights to complete the look!

It's available in the H&I Store! Now, show the world what Robin can do!


LOOK IN THE SKY! It's a Superman costume shirt

The world's strongest superhero.

We can't give you the ability to fly, but we can show you this Superman costume shirt! Just pair it with blue tights, and you'll be on your way to save those who cross your path.

It's available in the H&I store! Now, use your strength to see if you can pass this Superman quiz!


AMAZONIAN! It's a Wonder Woman costume shirt

The woman who does it all!

You don't have to wonder whether this woman could save you because there's no doubt about it. Pay tribute to the amazing Lynda Carter and be the best Wonder Woman. Pair this shirt with blue shorts (you can even paint stars on the shorts to really complete the look).

It's available in the H&I Store! Now, go out there and be the best Amazonian hero.


BEAM US UP, SCOTTY! It's a Star Trek Costume shirt

May the Star Trek style be with you!

You'd have to find your own spaceship, but the H&I store has a variety of Star Trek uniform costume shirts for you and your crew to choose from. Whether you want to dress as Spock or Captain Kirk, the store got you covered!

It's available in the H&I Store! Now, continue your mission. We heard there's a Gorn nearby.


WATCH OUT! It's a Gorn costume shirt

Who said Gorns don't deserve love?

Being green is not easy, but it can be easy to dress like a Gorn. You can pair this costume shirt with green tights or pants. You don't have to be a giant lizard to battle with Kirk. This shirt is more than enough.

It's available in the H&I Store! Now, go and protect your home!