7 celebrities who appeared on Baywatch

By: H&I Staff    Posted: March 19, 2021, 12:34PM Tags: Tags: featured

Many actors we know and love today got their start on Baywatch. With a main cast of over 50 actors throughout its 11 season run, the series became a revolving door for rising talent during the 90's.

Whether they were lifeguards, love interests, or even one shot characters, many actors can trace their journey to fame all the way back to Baywatch. Here are a few celebrities you might recognize today that appeared on the shores of Malibu and Hawaii:


Mariska Hargitay

Before she would be one of the most recognizable characters in TV crime drama history as Olivia Benson in Law & Order: SVU, she guest starred as Lisa Peters. In her one episode appearance she was dating Trevor Cole while also trying to get away from her overbearing father.


Sofía Vergara

One decade before she became a star on Modern Family, actress Sofía Vergara made an uncredited appearance on Baywatch in 1999 as a 'Univision' instructor.


Carrie-Anne Moss

Carrie-Anne Moss is widely known from her role as Trinity in The Matrix Trilogy. A few years prior to her saving the world using kung-fu, she starred as both twin sisters, Mattie and Gwen Brown, who each competed for the affection of Mitch Buchannon.


David Spade

Comedy icon David Spade recieved one of his first credited TV appearances on Baywatch just one year before he became a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live in 1990. Spade played the role of B.J., a kid who just wanted to surf before a group of 'beach rats' stole and burned his board.


Bryan Cranston

Before he became Walter White, Bryan Cranston was breaking bad on the shores of Malibu as Tom Logan. Logan was the captain of a popular party boat that would cause nothing but problems for the Baywatch lifeguards.


Angie Harmon

Famed model, actress, and star of the hit Rizzoli and Isles crime drama, Angie Harmon, had one of her first acting roles in Baywatch. In the series she starred as Los Angeles PI, Ryan McBride. Harmon made her first appearance as McBride in the 6th season of the show and would go on to be part of the main cast in the spin-off series, Baywatch: Nights.


Jason Momoa

Before he protected the seas as Aquaman, Jason Momoa watched over the beaches of Hawaii in the final 2 seasons of Baywatch as Jason Ioane. Momoa starred in the main cast of the final two seasons of the series also known as Baywatch: Hawaii and later in the 2003 film Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. These would both be his first credited TV and film roles.