6 Sunny Facts About Baywatch

By: H&I Staff    Posted: March 12, 2021, 10:00AM Tags: Tags: featured

Baywatch is a prominent cornerstone of 90's television. Starring the man of action himself, David Hasselhoff with co-star Pamela Anderson, the two would take their team of lifeguards and the show to historic heights of their time. 

But do you know everything about the groundbreaking 90's series? Dive in to some quick facts about Baywatch that you might not have known!

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It was a Global Phenomenon

It's hard to overstate how popular Baywatch was at its height in the 90's. Each weekly episode reached 1.1 billion viewers with it airing in 142 countries and translated into 15 different languages. The ex-Shah of Iran's wife even once told David Hasselloff that people with satellite dishes in Iran would sell tickets to Baywatch parties they were hosting.


They had a huge main cast

One aspect that kept things fresh for audiences was the large rotating cast of Baywatch. Over the years actors would come and go as either lifeguards, friends or love interests adding new stories and relationships each season. The revolving door of talent was largely due to how long the series was in production, having over 50 actors be a part of the main cast throughout the 11 season run.


Michael Newman was a real lifeguard

Out of everyone in the cast, Michael Newman was the only one with previous lifeguarding experience. He once worked alongside Baywatch series creator, Greg Bonann, as a lifeguard where he told him his idea for the series. Once the show had been picked up Bonann asked Newman to be a fellow technical advisor and eventually a character for the series by the same name, Michael Newman.


They used a lot of sunscreen

Spending 14 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 11 seasons in the sun was not easy for the cast of Baywatch. According to the head makeup artist of the series, the cast would go through at least 40 bottles of sunscreen a month to avoid any sunburns or melanoma.


Tommy Lee wasn't the biggest Baywatch fan

Shortly after getting cast in the series Pamela Anderson had married Mötley Crüe drummer, Tommy Lee. The famous rock star was short tempered and jealous when it came to Anderson's romance scenes on the show. One scene in particular finally had him kicked off the set for good when Anderson shared a kiss with her co-star and real life ex-boyfriend, David Charvet. Following the scene Tommy Lee went and smashed her entire dressing room and had to be escorted off set by security.


It took 10 years to get the show picked up

Series creator Greg Bonann was a lifeguard at Will Rogers State Beach in the 70's when came up with the idea for Baywatch. After saving two children from a riptide he imagined that a series about a group of heroic lifeguards might make good television. Bonann would work on his pilot for Baywatch for over a decade. Towards the late 80's NBC finally picked the series up and approved production for the first season to air in 1989.