5 hard-kicking facts about Walker, Texas Ranger

By: H&I Staff    Posted: October 13, 2021, 3:00PM

Cordell Walker (Chuck Norris) and his young partner James "Jimmy" Trivette (Clarence Gilyard Jr.) are part of the elite Texas Rangers. Together, both men make it their business to handle battle crime and get the bad guy all across the great state of Texas in Walker, Texas Ranger.

Preferring fists and kicks over firearms, the series was hailed for its moralistic themes and stories. Airing from 1993 - 2001, Walker, Texas Ranger was a smash hit that would inspire spin-offs, books, and movies. The series remains one of the most popular and memorable Texas-based series to date.

Here are some hard-kicking facts about the great series that you might not know!

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The show was filmed on location

Not only is the series one of the few shows that take place in the great state of Texas, but it was also filmed there. Taking place in Fort Worth, Texas most of the sets and film locations centered around both Dallas and Fort Worth. Many of the locals would be invited to appear as extras on the series. Already living in Dallas at the time, Chuck appreciated the short commute.


It's based on a movie, sort of

Chuck Norris describes his starring role in Lone Wolf McQuade (1983) to be the moment where his career began. Starring Norris as McQuade, the film took place in Texas and centered around a grizzled member of the Texas Ranger Division. Walker, Texas Ranger would be the film's spiritual successor a decade later, with multiple members of the film cast making guest-star appearances in show.


The theme song was sung by Chuck Norris

Along with martial arts master and acting legend, Chuck Norris can add singer to the incredible resume he's made in his career. Remixed 3 times during the show's run, 'Eyes of the Ranger,' was performed by Chuck Norris himself each time.


Chuck Norris became a real Texas Ranger

Chuck Norris's time in the Texas Ranger Divison went beyond the TV screen and into real life in 2010. Almost a decades after the series had ended, Norris was bestowed the honor of being an official member of the Texas Rangers by then Texas Governor Rick Perry.


The same actor played the villain for the pilot and finale

Actor Marshall R. Teague played the part of Walker's first and final antagonist of the series - both separate characters. In the premiere episode, One Riot One Ranger, Teague was the bank robber Orson Wade. He would return for the finale, The Final Showdown, as Emile Lavocat, who attempts to kill Walker and the rest of the Texas Rangers, and Emile's ancestor Milos in flashback scenes.