Are you ready for a grunge Spock?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: October 18, 2018, 1:19PM

Image: Star Trek: Discovery / CBS

Spock sporting a beard is not so strange. Well, Evil Spock, at least. In "Mirror, Mirror," the fourth episode of the second season of the Original Series, wicked counterparts of Kirk and Spock show up from the Mirror Universe. And you know they're up to no good, because of the devilish goatee dripping from Mirror Spock's chin. Also, he used a tool called an "agonizer." Which does not sound nice.

But facial hair has a different meaning today. It's not just for evil twins! 

Beards are everywhere, and now jaw scruff has made its way to Star Trek: Discovery. The CBS All Access series recently shared a trailer for its new, second season, which ends on a major reveal — young Spock! We all figured it was coming, considering the main character is his adopted sister.

Ethan Peck is playing the iconic Vulcan — and he is rocking a beard.

Watch the trailer to see for yourself.

You can get another good look at Peck Spock (Speck?) via The Hollywood Reporter.

Yes, it's a new look for Spock, but what if… what ifthis is the Evil Spock? After all, Mirror Universe Spock turned up in season two of the Original Series, and this is the second season of Discovery. Coincidence? Probably. Young Spock probably just listens to a lot of Pearl Jam.

What do you think of the new Spock look?

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