The 10 Best Worf Quotes From Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation

By: H&I Staff    Posted: February 23, 2021, 12:19PM

Don't let this hardened warrior scare you! Underneath his rugged exterior is a good empathetic friend to many - and killer one-liners. 

From hilarious to inspirational, we compiled our favorite lines from our favorite Klingon across both Star Trek: TNG and DS9. What are your favorite Worf quotes?

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"Sins of the Father"

The Next Generation: Season 3, episode 17

"I am KLINGON! If you doubt it, a demonstration can be arranged!"



The Next Generation: Season 4, episode 20

"Sir, I protest, I am not a merry man!"


"Time's Orphan"

Deep Space Nine: Season 6, episode 24

"I am a Klingon warrior and a Starfleet officer. I have piloted starships through Dominion minefields. I have stood in battle against Kelvans twice my size. I courted and won the heart of the magnificent Jadzia Dax. If I can do these things, I can make this child go to sleep."


"A Fistful of Datas"

The Next Generation: Season 6, episode 8 

"What are his rights in this century? Is there a trial, or shall I execute him?"



Deep Space Nine: Season 4, episode 10

"Our gods are dead. Ancient Klingon warriors slew them a millennia ago. They were more trouble than they were worth."


"Peak Performance"

The Next Generation: Season 2, episode 21

"If there is nothing to lose, no sacrifice, then there is nothing to gain."


"Take Me Out to the Holosuite"

Deep Space Nine: Season 7, episode 4

"Death to the opposition!"


"The Outcast"

The Next Generation: Season 5, episode 17

"A warrior does not let a friend face danger alone."


"Coming of Age"

The Next Generation: Season 1, episode 19

"Thinking about what you can't control only wastes energy, and creates its own enemy."


Many, MANY, episodes

"I do not understand."

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